Committee on Radiation Protection

A Citizen initiative for protection against radiation from wireless technologies.

The Committee has been established by a group of Danes who are concerned about the expedient and uncritical rollout of wireless technology in Denmark. The Committee members are all volunteers, acting independently of political views and financial interests. In order to focus attention on the cause alone, the members have chosen to remain anonymous for now.

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is the radiation emitted from all wireless technologiesSmartphones, cell phones, cell towers, cordless landline telephones (DECT), wireless headsets, wireless earpieces (bluetooth), computers (including laptops and tablet PCs), wireless Internet Routers (WIFI and Wlan), wireless broadband (WiMax), wireless printers, TV, wireless music system (WiFi) wireless Smart Meters, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, Playstation, wireless baby monitors, TETRA etc.

More than 3000 scientific studies have been published on electromagnetic radiation and these can be divided into 2 groups: those that find: harmful effectsHeadache, joint pain, fatigue, sleep problems, difficulty concentrating, behavioral disorders, memory impairment, tinnitus, increased stress hormones, depression, heart rhythm disorders, abnormal blood pressure, skin rashes, impaired immune system, cell damage and cell death, decreased sperm count, altered brain waves, DNA damage and brain cancer. and those that do not.
The first group is almost entirely carried out by independent researchers, while the latter is usually, at least, partially funded by industry.

We the Committee members, find it astonishing that Denmark has not implemented precautions in order to protect its citizens, as is the case in other countriesExamples of precautionary actions in other countries':
• France has banned cell phones in schools.
• Belgium has banned sale of mobile phones for children.
• Taiwan has removed mobile-phone basestations from all schools.
• India has lowered the basestation radiation by 90%.
• Germany warns against use of wireless phones.
• Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Russia and China all have lower maximum levels of radiation.
• In Australia, Italy, USA and Spain compensations have been won for health damage from mobile-phone radiation.
. Instead, multiple wireless technologies are being rolled out expediently – adding yet more mobile-phone basestations and introducing iPads into schools and daycare centers. This is deeply concerning because children are particularly vulnerableChildren are particularly vulnerable as they're bodies are still developing, their immune systems, nervous systems and their brains are not fully developed and are thus more sensitive. Children also absorb significantly more microwave radiation than adults, because of their smaller bodies, thinner skulls and higher water content in tissue..

Because there is evidence of biological effects from wireless technologies and because we do not know the consequences of long-term exposure, the Committee recognises that there is, in fact, an experiment taking place on humans without their informed consent.

The Committee aims, in cooperation with human rights lawyer Christian HarlangThrough more than 20 years, lawyer Christian Harlang has litigated a large number of cases, particularly before the High Courts and the Supreme Court of Denmark, as well as abroad before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg and at UN-organisations in Geneva. A considerable portion of these court cases are of general importance regarding the legal position of citizens towards government, municipalities, etc.

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, to produce a legal opinion that will clarify:

  1. whether there is a breach of the Nuremberg Code - including experimentation on humans without informed consent.
  2. whether the UN children's convention is violated. (Articles 3, 17, 24, 25 and Article 32)
  3. establish who is legally liable for the possible consequences of the exposure of the public and any violations of the Conventions.
It is also the Committee's goal to raise public awareness of the biological effects and possible health hazards associated with exposure to wireless technologies of all kinds. We want to see individuals free to make informed decisions on whether, and how, to protect their children and themselves.
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The Committees has concluded its work.

The result has been sent those who donated and more info will be posted here shortly.

What if...

-there is a correlation between the exponential increase in the use of wireless technologies and the Danish records in cancer, chronic diseases and the sudden onset of mysterious symptoms?


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