Committee on Radiation Protection

A Citizen initiative for protection against radiation from wireless technologies.

The Committee members have chosen to remain anonymous.


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§ 1. NAME
”Committee on Radiation Protection”

Committee on Radiation Protection is an voluntary association established in: the municipality of Hørsholm, Denmark.

It is the purpose of the Committee in Denmark:

  1. - To determine who is legally liable for the harmful effects caused by exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation due to the rollout of wireless technologies.

    - Clarify whether there is a breach of the UN children's convention, Nuremberg Treaty and the Convention on Human Rights.

    - Demand that the Danish authorities implement the Precautionary Principle in relation to wireless technology.

    - Demand that the Danish authorities inform the public of warnings and recommendations from the international bodies: WHO, IARC, EEA and the Council of Europe, as well as research findings from politically and financially independent scientists.

    - The Committee may collaborate with local, national or international partners who may be public or private.

  2. The work of the Committee is funded through voluntary donations. Anyone with interest in the Committee's purpose can contribute with either large or small donations to fund legal assistance and public relations work.
  3. Information about the Committee's work is regularly updated on the Committee's website.


  1. The Committee consists of a maximum of 12 members, unless otherwise expressly agreed at a committee meeting.
  2. Membership is contingent upon payment of dues for each calendar year regardless of date of enrollment.
  3. Membership entails the obligation to pay dues.
  4. Members are not liable for the Committee's responsibilities.
  5. The inclusion of new Committee members is decided at Committee meetings.
  6. Exclusion of a member is decided at the Committee meeting , see § 5


  1. Committee meeting: The Committees highest authority is the Committee meeting with participation of all members, see § 4 and § 5.
  2. Committee meetings are held at least four times annually.
  3. Committee meetings shall be announced in writing with at least two weeks' notice.
  4. Committee decisions are agreed by majority vote of the members present at the meeting.
  5. Bylaw amendments require 2/3 majority vote of the members present and that the majority represents at least half of the Committee members. Should a 2/3 majority be achieved, but not enough members are present, a new Committee Meeting must be called with at least 10 days notice. During this new meeting, decisions on Committee bylaws can be made by 2/3 majority vote, regardless of the number of members present. The provision of sub.6, regarding termination, may only be amended in accordance with the rules in sub.6, below.
  6. The Committee may dissolve under the same rules, but with a required majority of 3/4, see also § 7.
  7. Annually in March, a Committee general assembly must be held with at least the following items on the agenda:
    1. Election of moderator
    2. Approval of the agenda
    3. The Committee's status report
    4. Approval of the accounts for the previous calendar year
    5. Election of Treasurer
    6. Appointment of Auditor
    7. Determination of membership fee
    8. Suggestions
    9. Miscellany


  1. The Committee's fiscal year is the calendar year.
  2. Financial Statements are prepared by the Treasurer for the fixed annual Committee general assembly in March.
  3. The Board can approve access to the Committee bank account to the Treasurer for covering costs associated with Committee work.


  1. The decision to dissolve the Committee shall be in accordance with § 5 and § 6 and assets accrued to one or more purposes towards legal protection of Danish citizens against State power.

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-there is a correlation between the exponential increase in the use of wireless technologies and the Danish records in cancer, chronic diseases and the sudden onset of mysterious symptoms?


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