Committee on Radiation Protection

A Citizen initiative for protection against radiation from wireless technologies.

Updates & news from the Committee

April 2015 The Committee has concluded its work and those who donated have received the results. A statement will be published shortly on this website.

May 2014 Fundraising is complete. Thanks to all supporters!
Next phase is the production of a legal opinion. Updates will be posted on this page.

March 2014 Fundraising is almost complete!
When we have achieved our goal: a legal opinion, all funders who have submitted their email addresses (ie. via paypal), will be the first to receive a copy of the legal opinion.
Those who have donated via bank transfer and wish to receive the legal opinion, please send an email to the Committee. See contact details at the bottom of the page.

February 2014 We've passed the half-way mark in our fundraising.

December 2013 Thanks to all that have chosen to support this initiative through donations.
We still need the peoples financial support before the first step of the legal proceedings can commence.
The Committee has called upon international renowned and independent scientists for expert statements regarding wireless radiation.
A number of scientists have already submitted their written statements.
The Committee is awaiting responses from the remaining scientists.
These expert statements will become part of the legal case material which will be prepared by lawyer Christian Harlang, who specialises in human rights law.

October 2013

Website launched and open for donations.

For International transfers- SWIFT: ALBADKKK • IBAN: DK4653590000242857

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What if...

-there is a correlation between the exponential increase in the use of wireless technologies and the Danish records in cancer, chronic diseases and the sudden onset of mysterious symptoms?


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